New Home Has Faulty Wiring? It’s Probably Caused By Your High-Capacity Appliances

If your lights flash and the power fluctuates in your new home throughout the day, it may be a sign of faulty wiring. But how can your home have bad wiring when it's new? If you use high-capacity appliances, you can inadvertently damage your home's wiring. Here's how large appliances affect your home's wiring and what your electrician can do to remedy the problems they cause.

How Do Large Appliances Affect Your Electrical Wiring?

Although faulty wiring is usually a problem in an older home, electrical issues can occur in a new home depending on how you use your electricity. In most cases, the appliances you choose to use in the house can have a bad effect on a new home's electrical wiring, including large capacity appliances like a double-door refrigerator. 

Double-door refrigerators require large amounts of energy to keep food safe and cold. Even if this type of appliance comes with energy-efficient features, they can still place strain and stress on new wiring.

In addition, using dual ovens, laundry machines, and a high-efficiency air conditioning system can tax the wiring in the house. If you use multiple high-capacity appliances at the same time, your electrical wiring can eventually burn out.

You may hear strange noises, such as humming and buzzing, in the house as electrical currents travel through the bad wiring. Sometimes, the power outlets you plug your large appliances into can make noises or spark a fire. The circuit breaker may trip because of the overload and stress on the home's wiring. All of these issues can cause the power to fluctuate or lights flash.

One of the things you should do is contact your electrician and ask them to replace your bad wiring with something more capable of handling large appliances. Keep in mind that even a new home can require better electrical wiring if it's not set up to take such excessive power usage on a daily basis.

What Can the Electrician Do to Solve Your Problem?

Faulty wiring can be extremely dangerous because it can lead to fire damage in your home. To keep these problems from occurring, the electrician may suggest that you rewire the home to fit your energy needs.

Also, replacing your current circuit breaker with a double-pole circuit breaker may help. This type of breaker distributes power evenly throughout the house, even when you operate high-capacity appliances. The even distribution of power prevents one area of the home's wiring from overloading and overheating. 

If you need help with your new home's wiring problem, contact an electrician for expert help and advice.