Sun-Fried Electricity: How Solar Flares Effect Your Home’s Solar Power System

Solar power is an excellent way to fuel your electrical needs. However, home solar power and electricity can be affected by the weather on the sun. To be a truly informed consumer, you should be aware of how solar flares influence the functionality of your solar power panels. 

Solar Flares

Surprisingly, solar flares from less than one light year away can have a bad affect on your solar power and electrical equipment. Because the electromagnetic waves generated by the sun's flares can cause electrical wires, transformers, power stations, and fuse boxes to malfunction, combining an electrical system with a solar power collection grid is like doubling down on the worst hand of black jack. Your home's solar system will be overwhelmed by power during a flare. This in turn causes fried wiring and an expensive visit from your favorite technician.

Preventing Damage

Just as electricians must keep track of solar flare activity to prevent damage to all high voltage and electrical conduction equipment, so you will have to pay attention too. There are solar flare and space weather watch websites that can keep you abreast of any expected or unexpected solar flare activity. If there are reports that there are several flares, you have enough time to switch off your solar system for the day and/or cover up your solar panels to prevent damage to all of the electrical wiring in your home. Most of the year, you will not have to worry about flares, but you will want to be prepared for them ahead of time.

Repairing Damage to Your Home Solar Power System

Although there are devices to help protect your solar power system from surges in electricity caused by lightning, there is not a device for protection against solar flare surges. If you are not home when a solar flare spikes your photovoltaic system, you cannot stop the chain reaction that comes next. When the surge occurs, your electrician can repair and replace all of the components that are damaged, from the solar panels to the photovoltaic converter in your power box and any electrical wiring that was fried in the process.

Now That You Know

Do not be afraid of your home solar power system. It is still an excellent investment, but you need to take care of it and shore it up against strange occurrences in nature that cause it to break down. Have a backup energy solution in the event that you cannot prevent damage by a solar flare and make sure your home's electrical system is safe enough to handle the alternative you choose. Be sure to consult with your electrical contractor about backup generators and how they work with electrical boxes when the boxes are connected to home solar power.