Mayhem And Mishaps: Three Tips For Avoiding Residential Electrical Fires

If you are like most people, you probably don't give electricity a second thought. It seamlessly powers all sorts of devices, from large appliances to handheld cell phones. It isn't until a device stops working, or the lights go out, that you notice an issue with the electricity in your home.

While electrical emergencies cannot be completely avoided, you can minimize the risk of one occurring by using the electricity properly. Here are three electrical safety tips you should use every day:

1. Be Careful With Plugs and Outlets

It is very easy to overlook how an outlet is treated. In a moment of frustration, you might just tug a cord out of the outlet. While it didn't cause any harm in the past, tugging on cords can be very dangerous; so it is best to avoid it.

In addition, make sure that you use child locks on all outlets. Curious children can easily stuff toys, plush animals, and fabrics into the outlet and that can cause a fire.

Finally, make sure you don't overload your outlets. If you are using an extension cord or surge protector, do not fill it to the brim with your electronics. An overloaded outlet may begin to spark and cause a fire.

2. Use Proper Light Bulbs

You should always use proper light bulbs in your light fixtures and lamps. If you do not know what type to use, look at the device. If it is an appliance, such as a light in the kitchen, use an appliance bulb. If it is a light bulb, check with the manufacturer to determine the wattage.

While using the wrong wattage may not seem dangerous, it can easily turn into a disaster. Light fixtures and lamps can only handle a certain wattage. If a higher wattage is inserted into the fixture, it may blow the bulb. It can also overheat and cause a fire or trip the circuit breaker.

3. Keep Appliances and Outlets Away From Flammables

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it is easily overlooked. For example, you might store cords under carpeting to conceal them. While this does conceal the ugly cords, it poses a threat. Those hidden cords can easily overheat and since carpeting is flammable, you might wind up with a huge fire on your hands. So keep electrical appliances and outlets away from anything flammable.

By using these tips, and having your home inspected by electrician annually, you can avoid costly and dangerous electrical emergencies and mishaps. So think smart and stay safe.  For more information, contact a professional like D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc.