Four Ways A Technician Can Keep Your Company’s Power Generator In Top Condition

Your generator for your small business is not something you may think about on a daily basis, but it is critical to have it serviced twice a year. Although you may periodically run your generator to make sure it is in working order, without having your generator serviced, you may find yourself without any backup power when you need it the most. The following are four things a technician can do to keep your generator in top working condition.

Test and check your generator's battery

You can start your generator, but just because the battery is working well enough to start the generator today, does not mean it will start up for you when you need it the most. A technician is able to test the charge of the battery under load to determine how much power it has left. The battery charger in your power unit can also be checked, as well as all battery cables and connectors. One bad connection from age or corrosion can render your generator useless.

Give your generator's motor a tune up

Just like a car, a generator has a motor that needs to be kept in top condition to prevent a breakdown and the need for repairs. A technician will inspect the plugs and points of your unit as well as the rotors and condenser. These critical parts can be replaced when needed long before a worn part can induce a failure in the motor.

The fuel system can be inspected

A clogged fuel line can mean no electricity in an emergency, so important elements of the fuel system will be checked. This includes both the fuel lines and the fuel filter. The amount of fuel you have will also be checked for you. Most generators will have an air filter that can be checked. Naturally, anything that is dirty can be cleaned or replaced.

Generator performance will be checked

Simply starting up your generator is insufficient to determine its performance. A generator technician can take measurements and compare them to a manufacturer's specifications to determine whether it is performing the way it should be. Most important among these measurements are the output voltage and frequency.

As a business owner, you understand how much money a loss of power can cost you, but you need to understand that having a backup generator is simply not enough protection. You must take the time to make an appointment to have it serviced by a professional technician twice a year. In the event that you need your generator, the chances are that it will be in peak working condition at the time of a power outage.