About Home Electrical Problems That Can Cause A Burning Odor

Does it smell like something is burning in your house and you can't figure out what it is? There is a possibility that the electrical wiring in your house has been overheating, which can lead to a fire if an electrician is not hired as soon as possible. Find out below what can cause a burning odor in a house and what an electrician is likely to charge to make repairs.

What Leads to Home Having a Burning Odor?

The odor in your home can be a sign that you have too many electrical appliances plugged into the outlets. Your home may not be wired to handle the volts of electricity that the appliances requires to function without causing a fire risk. It is in your best interest to walk around your house and observe every outlet that has an electronic device plugged up. Look at the power cords to the electronics to check for signs of overheating, as well as the outlet covers. You will notice that the power cords and outlet covers are discolored, melted, or both if the wires have been overheating.

It is also possible that the electrical panel in your house is damaged from overloaded outlets and causing a burning odor. An electrician will have to visit your home to inspect the circuit breakers to make sure they are still functional. If there is an electrical problem that is causing the wiring in outlets to overheat and the circuit breakers never trip, it is likely that the breakers are damaged. Circuit breakers are supposed to trip before an electrical problem leads to overheated wires. The electrician may have to replace the electrical panel, repair the outlets or rewire the entire house to make sure you have wiring that is suitable for modern power demands.

What Does an Electrician Charge for Repairs?

Expect to pay at least $30 or more per hour if you want an electrician to inspect your house and make repairs. On top of the hourly rate, you will have to pay a minimum of $800 or more for changes to be made to the electrical panel. The rate charged for an electrical panel repair will depend on how many amps it is being changed to. Repairing or adding additional electrical outlets will cost at least $60 or more for each one. Speak to an electrician from a company like Advantage Electric soon so he or she can figure out why there is a burning odor in your house and make electrical repairs!