How To Convert To A Recessed LED Light

When you look up at recessed light fixtures, you might be a little confused about how to take them out. Luckily, changing recessed light fixtures is quite easy. You can install new LED fixtures that will save you a little money. There are very convenient LED conversion kits that can be installed without doing any electrical work. This article will explain how to remove your old light and install a new kit.

Removing the Old Light

Before you do any work, it's always smart to shut the power off to the room you are working on. Having the light switch turned off will not cut the power supply to the fixtures. Recessed lights on your ceiling will usually be attached through a basic spring system. Springs on the underside of the decorative light cover will attach to springs on the inside of the light box, so you can pull down the cover without fear of breaking it. You don't need to worry about breaking any part of the light fixture. It is possible that you will bend the old springs, but don't worry if this happens, because the new fixture will have its own springs. When you pull down the cover with one hand, unhook the spring with the other. Now your light fixture will be free to pull down. Next, remove the light bulb.

The final step is to remove the light box. In most fixtures, the box is secured with screws on the inside of the box. Simply remove these screws and pull out the box. The box will pull down, but the bulb plug will stay in place.

Installing the New LED Fixture

Installing the new box is easy if you use an LED conversion fixture. You don't need to do any rewiring. These fixtures screw right into the light bulb attachment. It is a great solution if you want more energy efficient lighting without the headache of doing all the electrical work.

Installing the new light box will be very easy, because you simply put it in place and attach screws where they were before. However, getting the decorative light cover to be flat and tight against the ceiling can be a little tricky. Often, if the spring is too tight on one side,, it will bend the plastic ring, causing a gap on the other side. You will certainly need to do some tinkering to get a snug fit.

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