Why Should I Call an Electrical Consultant for My Home Addition?

There are many professionals that can play a role in a successful home addition. Don't forget to choose an electrician so that you can understand your addition's electrical needs and assess the costs early. Here are some ways that an electrical consultant can help. 

Uncovering Utilities

Your previous electrician may have planned your home's wiring carefully around hidden utilities, among other underground features. A specialist will be needed to make sure that your home addition and your added electrical wiring don't interfere with these plans. If you have a land survey already completed, this can help your electrician to plan your addition around underground power boxes. 

Make Sure Your Building's Wiring Is Up to Code

Before you start installing new wiring and adding onto your home, it's a good idea to have an electrician make sure that your current wiring is safely grounded and not damaged. Adding new electrical outlets to a system that's already compromised can add additional fire-hazard risk to your home. An electrician should do an inspection to clear up any existing issues before you start thinking about what's next. 

Assessing Costs for Add-Ons

You may be well aware of the costs for adding new square footage to your home, but the electrical work component may be more of a mystery. Sometimes the issue is not simply a matter of adding new wiring to your home. You may need to install new circuit breakers and back-up generators to increase the electrical capacity of the home, for instance. By understanding these added costs, you can help keep your plans realistic and under budget. 

Estimating the Costs of Specialty Items

If you are considering adding a specialty item to your home as part of the addition, your house may need additional electrical work to add greater capacity. For instance, a new audiovisual system can be a power-heavy item that requires additional cabling and electrical outlets to be installed properly. Adding a hot tub is another area where you'll want to consult an electrician with specialized experience; you'll want to factor in the cost of installing the added circuitry as well as the cost of purchasing the tub itself. 

When you're looking for the right electrical consultant to help build out your home addition plans, finding an electrician with home-renovation experience is key. These specialists will understand the particular timeline of home addition needs and issues that can occur with your building plans. 

Talk to a company such as Palmer Electric Inc. to find out more about how an electrician can help your project succeed.