Learn How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Bridal Salon

When you open a small bridal salon, you need to be sure that the lighting in the salon is perfectly placed. You want the lights to help the brides see how beautiful they are without creating shadows that might make things look less flattering. The following guide walks you through a few lighting ideas to use to make your bridal salon thrive.

Choose Flattering Lights

When you choose lighting to use in your bridal salon, you need to be sure that the lighting casts tones that are flattering and soft, not bright and intrusive. You do not want the brides to have to squint while they are trying to look at the dresses that they have on.

Overhead Lighting Is Best Over the Pedestals

Within the salon, you should have pedestals for the brides to stand on so that they can show off the dresses that they are trying on. Have overhead lighting installed over each pedestal so that each bride can see the intricate details of her dress. You want to be sure that the lights are bright enough to see the detailing, but not so bright that they cause a lot of shadowing on the dresses.

Choose Soft Lighting in the Bathrooms

In the bathrooms of the salon, it is best to have very soft lighting. This will create a more intimate feel and help to give guests a break from the bright lights within the salon. You can place some lights directly over the mirrors within the bathrooms so that the guests can easily check their makeup, contacts, or hair after using the restroom.

Have a Professional Assess Your Salon

If you do not know the first thing about commercial lighting, you can hire an electrician to help guide you through the decision-making process. He or she will be able to help you to determine how each type of light that is on the market casts light and what the different wattage mean. This will help you to determine which lights are right for your business.

Have the electrician install all of the lighting for you instead of trying to install it yourself. This will ensure that it is done properly and decrease the chances of a fire breaking out within the salon due to faulty electrical work. The dresses will be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars and losing them in a fire would be devastating to your business.