Signs You Need a Smoke Detector Now

Every house needs a smoke detector, but there are some that probably need it more than others. You are putting your house in danger if you have a high risk of fire but you haven't installed a smoke detector. Here are four signs that you shouldn't go even a single day without a smoke detector:

You Use Old Appliances

Old appliances and systems, such a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical wiring systems, present serious fire risks as compared to newer systems. Even old roofing materials may not offer the same fire protection offered by newer roofs. Therefore, if your roof is generally old or is full of old systems, you should get a smoke detector to alert you to early signs of fire as early as possible.

You Have Young Children

You should also get a smoke detector if you have children in your home because children also present a heightened fire risk. This is because children may not be as careful with electrical hazards like the adult members of your house. For example, the children may forget to turn off cooking appliances, insert things into electrical outlets, play with matches and generally engage in generally risky behaviors that may result in a fire outbreak. Therefore, a smoke detector is necessary for your home's safety if you have kids in the house.

Your Home Is Undergoing Renovation

The risk of fire outbreaks in your house increases significantly during renovation time. Depending on your renovation project, you may have flammable materials lying around all over the house, such as paint thinners or insulation materials. You may also have exposed electrical wires in different parts of the house, which are also electrical hazards. Therefore, the next time you are planning a renovation in your house, and you don't have a smoke detector, you should include its installation as part of your renovation budget.

You Live with DIY Enthusiasts

DIY home repairs and improvements can save you considerable money. Some people also love DIY repairs and renovations for the thrill it gives them, and not necessarily for saving money. Whatever your reasons for DIY repairs and installations, you must acknowledge that DIY work is riskier than professional work. This extends to the risk of fire outbreaks in your home; so, if you are a DIY enthusiast, a smoke detector is a must have in your home.

Installing a smoke detector isn't terribly expensive, and neither does it take too much time. Consult a residential electrician today to give you a quote.