You May Need To Move Appliance Outlets When You Renovate Your Kitchen

If you're going to remodel the kitchen, you may want to change the location of your stove and refrigerator to improve the flow of the room and to accommodate new cabinets. If so, you may need to add or move the outlets too. Appliances need to be right next to their outlets, and you usually don't have much wiggle room because the cords are short for safety reasons. Therefore, planning for new outlets and hiring an electrician to install them will probably be a necessary step. Here are some things to know.

Hire An Electrician So Work Is Done To Code

If you only need to move an outlet a few inches, you may be tempted to do it yourself. However, working with electricity, especially current strong enough to power a stove, is dangerous. The work needs to be done according to current electrical codes. If your home is old, your wiring may not be up to code, but when renovations are done, the new work has to be up to date. Hiring an electrical service is the best way to ensure the wiring is done safely, complies with code, and doesn't negatively affect the sale of your house in the future.

Bring In The Electrician Before Drywall Is Hung

The electrician will wire the new outlets according to what's available to work with. If there's enough slack in the wire and the outlet isn't moving very far, it may be possible to pull the wires to the new place and hook up new outlets. It's also possible that new wiring will need to be installed and that might entail getting behind walls or under the ceiling. If you're going to tear out the walls for your renovation, then leave the walls open until the electrician has completed the wiring work and that will eliminate the need to cut the drywall open again.

Upgrade To A Four-Prong Outlet

If you have an older home, you might have a three-prong stove outlet. New homes have four-prong outlets for stoves and new stoves have four prongs. If you're going to buy new appliances, then updating to a four-prong outlet is a good idea. Then your home will be ready for new stoves in the future without having to rely on adapters. Talk to your electrician about upgrading the outlet and how the upgrade will work the stove you plan to keep or buy.

Make Sure The Circuits Have Enough Power

When you renovate the kitchen, it's a good time for an inspection of the electrical panel and the layout of the outlets. If you have an old refrigerator now, it probably doesn't use as much power as a newer refrigerator will. Your kitchen uses a lot of power because of all the appliances and electrical equipment you use to prepare meals. You want enough outlets and circuits to make sure you don't trip a circuit breaker all the time when the renovation is complete.