Forms & Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting involves the use of internet-connected wiring or lighting fixtures that you can control remotely. Below is an overview of the various forms of smart lighting and how you can benefit from the technology.

Smart Lighting Technologies

You can enjoy smart lighting systems in three main ways.

Smart Plugs: Smart plugs are just like normal plugs with the exception that they have an internet connection for remote control. You plug the smart plug into an outlet and then plug your light fixture into the smart plug. You can then switch the light fixture on and off by controlling the smart plug remotely. The main advantage is that the smart plug is portable and you can use it with any electrical outlet.

Smart Outlets: The smart outlet works just like the smart plug described above. The major difference is that the outlet is fixed in place, just like conventional outlets. This makes it convenient for controlling permanent light fixtures.

Smart Bulbs: With smart bulbs, it is the bulbs themselves that you connect to the internet and control remotely. This means you can still control the bulbs remotely when you move them to other rooms.

Benefits of the Technology

The benefits of smart lighting systems are numerous, but the following are some of the best.

Safety: If you install smart lighting systems for your security lighting, you can switch the lights on and off remotely even when you are not at home. That means your home doesn't have to be in the dark just because you are on vacation.

Aesthetics: Some smart lights allow you to dim the lights, change colors or add other effects that you can use to set different moods, change the theme color in your house, or even focus the light on specific things.

Convenience: Smart lighting systems are convenient because you don't have to move control lights that are not near your location. For example, you can control the porch lights, the sitting room light from the comfort of your bedroom.

Energy Savings: Lastly, smart lighting systems can also help you conserve your electricity consumption. Smart lighting gives you complete control of your lighting systems so you can decide when to dim the lights, switch them on, or switch them off irrespective of your location. This means your lights don't have to stay on for the whole day if you forget to switch them off before leaving the house.

The above is only a brief overview of smart lighting systems. The technology is changing fast, and new features come into the market every day. Visit websites like to talk to an electrician for information on what you can do with smart lighting systems today.