3 Signs It May Be Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Despite the fact that the average person uses their home's electrical system dozens of times each day, many homeowners still tend to overlook the need to maintain and occasionally upgrade their electrical panel. If it has been a while since your home received an electrical upgrade, keep reading to see if your home is displaying any of the following three signs that the time has come for you to upgrade your home's electrical panel.

Frequent Electrical Issues

Homeowners tend to overlook minor electrical issues or write them off as little quirks that come along with owning an older home. This is especially true with common issues such as dimming or flickering lights, minor shocks or tingling sensations when turning on appliances, and discolored or sparking outlets. However, while these types of electrical issues can be quite common in older houses, they are not issues that should be ignored. This is because these issues actually warn of an aging electrical system that either cannot keep up with the increased demands for electricity or electrical wires that are becoming worn and are no longer properly insulated. Either way, if you are experiencing any of these common warning signs, the time has come to contact an electrician in order to discuss a residential electrical panel upgrade. 

Excessive Use Of Extension Cords

Do you routinely use surge protectors in order to plug multiple items into a single outlet simply because you do not have enough outlets in each room? Thanks to advancements in technology over the past several decades, the average person requires more electrical outlets than were needed when their home was first built. If you find that you are using surge protectors on multiple outlets in order to increase the number of items you can plug in, the time has come to consider an electrical panel upgrade.

Frequently Tripped Circuits

While frequent trips to your electrical panel to reset a tripped circuit breaker can certainly be annoying, these frequent trips are more than just a common household annoyance. Circuit breakers trip in order to prevent your electrical system from being overloaded. If you are experiencing frequently tripped breakers, this is a good indication that you require more amperage than your current electrical system is providing. This is most commonly the case after adding a new large appliance to your home or several new smaller appliances. To make sure your electrical system is able to provide the amperage you need and to help avoid the risk of an electrical fire due to a system overload, it is best to contact an electrician right away in order to discuss your options for an electrical panel upgrade