Forms & Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting involves the use of internet-connected wiring or lighting fixtures that you can control remotely. Below is an overview of the various forms of smart lighting and how you can benefit from the technology. Smart Lighting Technologies You can enjoy smart lighting systems in three main ways. Smart Plugs: Smart plugs are just like normal plugs with the exception that they have an internet connection for remote control. You plug the smart plug into an outlet and then plug your light fixture into the smart plug. Read More 

You May Need To Move Appliance Outlets When You Renovate Your Kitchen

If you're going to remodel the kitchen, you may want to change the location of your stove and refrigerator to improve the flow of the room and to accommodate new cabinets. If so, you may need to add or move the outlets too. Appliances need to be right next to their outlets, and you usually don't have much wiggle room because the cords are short for safety reasons. Therefore, planning for new outlets and hiring an electrician to install them will probably be a necessary step. Read More 

Everyone Needs To Know These Potential Electrical Fire Hazards

There are a number of individuals who are not familiar with electrical hazards. This puts them at risk of being involved in an electrical fire. Knowing the basics of electrical fire safety can save lives. Some of the basic things you do each day could result in you being a victim of an electrical fire. The following points will aid educating you on protecting you and your family against electrical fires. Read More 

Signs You Need a Smoke Detector Now

Every house needs a smoke detector, but there are some that probably need it more than others. You are putting your house in danger if you have a high risk of fire but you haven't installed a smoke detector. Here are four signs that you shouldn't go even a single day without a smoke detector: You Use Old Appliances Old appliances and systems, such a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical wiring systems, present serious fire risks as compared to newer systems. Read More 

Learn How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Bridal Salon

When you open a small bridal salon, you need to be sure that the lighting in the salon is perfectly placed. You want the lights to help the brides see how beautiful they are without creating shadows that might make things look less flattering. The following guide walks you through a few lighting ideas to use to make your bridal salon thrive. Choose Flattering Lights When you choose lighting to use in your bridal salon, you need to be sure that the lighting casts tones that are flattering and soft, not bright and intrusive. Read More