Examples Of Electrical Code Requirements That You Should Know As A Homeowner

The National Electrical Code is a benchmark for the design and installation of electrical installations. It outlines what you are supposed to do and the materials you are supposed to use in your electrical wiring and installations. Many of them are things that concern your electrician, but there are others that you should know about, especially if you are planning to dabble in electrical DIY works. Here are a few examples of things you should know as a homeowner: Read More 

New Home Has Faulty Wiring? It’s Probably Caused By Your High-Capacity Appliances

If your lights flash and the power fluctuates in your new home throughout the day, it may be a sign of faulty wiring. But how can your home have bad wiring when it's new? If you use high-capacity appliances, you can inadvertently damage your home's wiring. Here's how large appliances affect your home's wiring and what your electrician can do to remedy the problems they cause. How Do Large Appliances Affect Your Electrical Wiring? Read More