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Is Your Home Energy Efficient? 3 Ways Infrared Testing Can Help You Find Out

If you're trying to reduce your energy bills, you might want to do a home energy audit. With a home energy audit, you'll be able to find out exactly where your home is wasting energy. Some issues are simple to remedy – such as using energy-saving lightbulbs, or installing an energy-efficient air conditioner. However, other areas of the home may be a bit more complex to audit. This is particularly true of the insulation in your home. Read More 

Electrical Repair In Ceiling Lights: Three Causes For Non-Functioning Lights

Ceiling lights are an electrical convenience most people cannot live without. The flick of a switch enlightens and brightens an entire room, unless, of course, your lights suddenly stop working. When you call an electrician to come and perform an electrical repair in your ceiling lights, he or she may find one (or more!) of the following causes prior to fixing the lights. Rodents in Your Home Rats, mice and squirrels all have a bizarre penchant for chewing on plastic-covered electrical wires. Read More 

Why Circuit Breakers Might Trip A Lot In A House

If the circuit breakers in your home constantly trip (turn off), there might be a major electrical problem. Depending on the number of circuit breakers that trip, your home might need all new wiring. In the article below, you will get a better idea of what may be causing the break to trip and how it can be fixed. Your House Is Full of Faulty Wires It is possible that there are faulty wires in the walls of your home that are causing circuit breakers to trip, especially if the house is old. Read More 

Top Signs That It Is Time To Call In An Emergency Electrician

When you own a home, it is imperative to make sure that you are always aware of electrical problems so that they can be repaired right away. After all, one small problem can turn into a disaster in no time at all. Therefore, you may want to take a few moments to review the following signs that it might be time to call in an emergency electrician. Breaker Box Is Heating Up Read More 

How To Convert To A Recessed LED Light

When you look up at recessed light fixtures, you might be a little confused about how to take them out. Luckily, changing recessed light fixtures is quite easy. You can install new LED fixtures that will save you a little money. There are very convenient LED conversion kits that can be installed without doing any electrical work. This article will explain how to remove your old light and install a new kit. Read More