danger signs your electrical system is giving you

How To Install A Fluorescent Light Fixture

You may have a traditional overhead light socket in your kitchen, bathroom, or work area that just doesn't provide enough light. It is relatively simple to replace your old light fixture with a fluorescent light. What kind of fluorescent light should you buy? Although there are different styles of fluorescent lights, the standard model is forty-eight inches long and comes with either two or four standard size bulbs. While the two bulbs models are moderately bright, you may choose a four bulb design if you require a brighter room. Read More 

Sun-Fried Electricity: How Solar Flares Effect Your Home’s Solar Power System

Solar power is an excellent way to fuel your electrical needs. However, home solar power and electricity can be affected by the weather on the sun. To be a truly informed consumer, you should be aware of how solar flares influence the functionality of your solar power panels.  Solar Flares Surprisingly, solar flares from less than one light year away can have a bad affect on your solar power and electrical equipment. Because the electromagnetic waves generated by the sun's flares can cause electrical wires, transformers, power stations, and fuse boxes to malfunction, combining an electrical system with a solar power collection grid is like doubling down on the worst hand of black jack. Read More 

Need An Electrician? Use Up All Of Their Time

If you are hiring an electrician to do some electrical work for you, find out how they bill. Many of them charge a fee to drive to your home, and then charge an hourly service fee even if the job only takes them a few minutes. If the job they are working on for you is an easy one, add some other work to their list of things to do to make use of the time you are paying for anyway. Read More 

Electrical Upgrades May Be Necessary For Computer Centers

If you have multiple computers, servers or similar devices at the backbone of your business, you'll need to make sure that your electrical system can support the demand. Although an individual desktop/workstation computer may not have much of an electrical load, connecting many of them for employees can wreak havoc on your electrical systems. Before investing too much in computer technology, take the time to understand why an electrician may be necessary for pre-installation and post-installation work. Read More 

Eco-Friendly Ways To Make Your Home’s Environment Comfortable

Keeping your environment comfortable is often an energy intensive task. Here are a few ways you can make your environment comfortable while at the same time saving on energy costs. Controlling Airflow with the Help of an Electrical Contractor or HVAC Tech One of the ways that air leaves your home is through the electrical sockets in your home. Contractors (such as those from SDS Electric) can help make these sockets more airtight in order to avoid allowing heat to leave your home during the winter, or cool air seeping out during the summer. Read More